Full Circle Learning Benefit

April 13, 2024 @ 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM
Seven Stars Gallery Nevada City Odd Fellows
210 Spring St.
Teresa Langness

TO LEARN MORE:  info@fullcirclelearning.org.

Learn How Youth Can Make a Difference at Pie, Chai, and Change Agents

Community members who believe in investing in the next generation are invited to view original artwork, listen to the music of beloved local musicians, and enjoy refreshments at Pie, Chai and Change Agents, a program presented by the Nevada City Odd Fellows (also a nonprofit organization) to benefit the local and global nonprofit, Full-Circle Learning. The event will take place from 4:00 – 5:30 pm Saturday, April 13, at the Seven Stars Gallery, 210 Spring Street, in Nevada City.

Guests can enjoy a piece of pie, buy an original mug by renowned ceramicist Rene Sprattling, hear the voices of young change agents, and savor the flavor of both ancient and traditional music offered by the local favorite band, Beaucoup Chapeaux, with their stirring Euro-Balkan/American repertoire. Virtuoso guitarist Dominic Stepanian – a graduate of Nevada Union and also the Hollywood Musicians’ Institute – will set the tone for the occasion, and Laura Rohrsen will add her beautifully rendered folk songs.

Full-Circle Learning (FCL), the beneficiary nonprofit organization, has made its headquarters in Nevada County for 12 of its 32 years. Supported mostly by individual donors who share the hope of positive change around the world, the FCL model developed in the aftermath of civil unrest in California. It grew through word-of-mouth requests among diverse populations seeking relevant solutions to society’s challenges. Today, the organization serves well over a million people each year.

Full-Circle Learning currently funds work in 12 Sub-Saharan African countries and in California. Over time, FCL has served 40 nations. Lines of activity include community impact grants, scholarships, wisdom exchange projects across borders, and humanitarian aid for communities in crisis. Guests may contribute by check or cash or online at www.fullcirclelearning.org.

Full-Circle Learning capacity building programs educational model cultivate young change agents who remedy the sustainable development challenges of their local and global communities. Youth apply their habits of heart and mind to address dire needs of vulnerable populations, through projects related to food security, health disparities, climate justice, gender equity, peacemaking and more. The youth share strategies across international boundaries, addressing likeminded challenges through global wisdom exchanges. As a result of FCL’s programs, young change agents help transform communities, to ensure a brighter future for all.

For example, in Nigeria, a handful of students have served thousands with disease prevention and blood pressure and glucose tests in areas without access to clinics. In Zambia, the students’ prevention efforts correlated with reduced deaths in the recent cholera outbreak. Zambian students are also planting a fruit tree in every yard, to increase carbon sequestration while reducing starvation.

Meanwhile, in the refugee camps of Uganda, children apply their artistic talents to build awareness of pertinent issues. They also pioneer permaculture to feed their community. In the Gambia, the youth teach communities to use renewable energies, among other goals. These are just a few examples of the high impact on global well-being for every contribution given to Full-Circle Learning.

FCL also co-hosts a Climate Change Agents retreat with Nevada County Climate Action Now (NC-CAN). This year’s scholarship recipients will apply farsightedness to fire restoration techniques. For a scholarship application – or for information about the April 13th event – contact info@fullcirclelearning.org.

Through Full-Circle Learning, humanitarians and change agents in any region can act on their convictions, exchange solutions across countries and continents, and collaborate for the sustainability of humankind. Read more stories by visiting www.fullcirclelearning.org and clicking on the most recent community impact report.

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