Being Odd in Nevada City California

THANK YOU for your interest in our particular pursuit of
Friendship, Love and Truth,  (FLT) which are our our bywords,
in the Independent Order of Oddfellows (IOOF)
symbolized by the three rings of our logo.
“Independence” came from the English founders in the 19th century due to a vastly different political and environments.
More Here on Wikipedia.

We are right here (Map->)
downtown on Broad Street in Nevada City California, USA , which was founded 150 years as of 2019.
Look up above the art gallery for “IOOF”-

We are a fraternal social and benevolent organization registered in the USA with the IRS & elsewhere as a  501(c) 8 and named “Odd” it is thought, from the founding days in the English 18th century, where non-mainstream guilds and benevolent society members could belong that perhaps fit nowhere else-
We had then and hopefully still now, the tendency, considered odd,  to be considerate of the less fortunate in health, income or social position.

Please note our Website: http://www.NevadaCityOddFellows.Com and re visit often to see what’s going on. We can be reached at: Info@NevadaCityOddFellows.Com.
We also have a facebook group :
“Nevada City Odd Fellows Oustomah Lodge #16”

Approximately monthly we have a Wednesday morning Potluck anyone is welcome to attend, ideally bringing something good to eat,
Check our Calendar on the Website. (Under Construction!)
Here, You can also  get your questions answered , be shown around the amazing property that extends the full width of a downtown city block and upward three storeys,
and meet many of the members and other visitors.

Many of us lived in the area  many years before realizing what a tremendous resource and hidden treasure our building and members are, especially as membership picks up & we are revitalized in the 21st century with new goals and energies.
Our original 19th century goals of caring for orphans, widows and the sick lessen, yet live on in changing times for current needs.

We produce some of our own events like music concerts, dances  and celebrations and also rent out our period wooden  hall for other’s use

We have members-only events like business meetings, committees, movie nights and socials where we dream up plans to be more friendly, loving,  giving and trusting where possible, in our community and beyond.

We encourage you to physically and mentally  visit with us to actually see what we are about.

You can remain our friend and visitor as many do, or,
Anyone “in good standing in the community” that wants to become a member would normally have come to several social events and met sufficient existing members to see if we are a good fit and  to qualify for an invitation.
We are otherwise legally and ideologically non-discriminatory.
We are a particularly individualistic and even Odd
group if such a thing is possible, with highly varied and colorful skills and abilities- Maybe you are too.
Oddness is not required, but is generally acceptable.

We are not only artists, technicians, retirees, family members, young people, nomads  the socially conscious and the curious,
but also largely optimistic, apolitical (while in the building)  positive and accommodating to the less fortunate wherever possible.

We love Good Works and put on charitable fund raisers, provide a venue and engage our community where possible.
Many of us are also engaged with the area’s many volunteer opportunities outisde our own organisation

Look around our website, which has by no means all of the things we do published.
Perhaps you have ideas too. We consider constructive ideas to be Most Excellent

Thanks for your interest- Tell your friends, too.

In friendship, love and truth (FLT),

— Paule Castro, member, Webmeister.

[Ver: May-22-2019]


Friendship, Love and Truth