Becoming an Odd Fellow – Membership Application

Membership in Oustomah  Lodge #16 Nevada City CA I.O.O.F.

The process and journey to becoming an Odd Fellow is fun!

IOOF Membership Application

Becoming an Odd Fellow member of our lodge and the Independent Order of Odd Fellows involves a commitment to being a part of a     fraternal order of Friendship, Love and Truth. The process is not convoluted, but it does take time. We want you to be resolute in your commitment to become a member of our order.

The application for membership requires a sponsors signature from a member of our lodge. The sponsor is typically an Odd Fellow that you know as a friend or you have met during one of our socials or events.

Once you submit your application for membership, we ask that you attend at least 6 functions wherein you can get to know the members. These can be a social potluck, an Odd event where you volunteer to help out, such as a concert or an event in our hall. It can also be volunteering to work on our many committees.

Committees are how we get things done in our lodge. You can view, the 2022 Committees, officers and members by clicking on the link below. Feel free to think up a committee that you would like to see in our lodge! Bring your ideas to our Noble Grand to discuss at our next meeting.

2022 Officers, and Committees: Committees & Officers 2022

It is highly encouraged that you meet every officer and member and ask as many questions as you can about how we operate; our by-laws, our goals, and anything the lodge might currently be involved in.  You should also attend at least one informal business meeting held the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 5:30PM. This will familiarize you with our current agenda, our by-laws and Robert’s Rules of order as to the conducting of our business meetings.

After you have met everyone, and have completed participation in at least 6 functions, you should notify your sponsor. They will notify the lodge that you are ready to be interviewed by the interviewing committee.  You will then be scheduled for a membership interview by the committee where they will ask you specific questions that are required by our Sovereign Grand Lodge by-laws.

Following the interview, the committee will make a motion regarding membership to the lodge at the following business meeting with members only in attendance. A vote will be taken on membership at that time. You will be advised of the outcome of the vote.

If the lodge votes favorably to your membership, Huzzah! The next step will be to plan and schedule your initiation into our lodge as a initiatory member. A beautiful, theatrical and mystical experience.

We feel strongly that spending the time to get to know us, work with us on committees and volunteer at the lodge, allows us to get to know you and for you to get to know us. It is a commitment that we do not take lightly and neither should you. While each member functions at their own ability to participate, we hope that each member will be an active part of our lodge and will be a good fit  under the guidelines of a fraternal order.

We hope as a member that you will be committed to help our lodge, grow, thrive and steward the grand old building. We need new members that are willing to help strengthen the lodges ability to donate time and money back to our community through our Good Works program.

If you would like to delve deeper into the history and meaning of being an Odd Fellow, we recommend that you read our past California Grand Master Michael Greenzeiger’s book, “The Odd Fellow Primer” available on Amazon.

When you are ready to move forward with membership, then you can download the application for membership by clicking on the link below or ask for an application from  a member of the lodge. We wish you well on your journey all in Friendship, Love and Truth.


IOOF Membership Application

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