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Now through February 12th jupiteroreilly, Barbara Harris and Valrie Jenson. Final Artist reception Feb 4th

Artist Reception


Good question!

Our lodge decided to create a community oriented space (in what was the late and wonderful Odd Fellow Allan Rogers’ Picture framing shop). Located at 210 Spring St. Nevada City. The vision is fluid and a work in progress. It is our goal to create a space that will be available for local artists, presenters and musicians to be able to display their work, to present their story, to play their music, and to give a presentation on just about anything! It will be a place in the heart of Nevada City that will give us an opportunity to shine, share and become a part of our community through the arts and fellowship. (lounge area included)

To submit your application to be a featured artist or to show your work, please contact: Tynowyn Woolman at


We have big plans for all of us!

For the Gallery, we will offer this as an affordable place for local artists to display their work in a professional gallery format. For musicians and spoken word performances this will be an intimate venue to shine. Scholarships for gallery space are available for the youth. There will be ongoing displays of art and we will have a dedicated area for presentations or music performances. Are you interested in video or audio production? The”The Odd Pod” is going to provide a space for such endeavors! Contact Eric Tomb at for more info. The Lounge aspect will be incorporated into the gallery area. A place where one can sit and relax, have some tea or maybe a glass of wine for a small donation. Or perhaps to hold a gala for your art opening! As a member of Odd Fellows, when the gallery is not open, it will be a members only lounge. Yes there are member benefits!


Not much!

While the Odd Fellows will try to offer this space as a very affordable place for the community, we envision the need for donations or a small percentage of any sales of artwork or presentations that are given there. Scholarships for the youth will be available. Contact Tynowyn French at for more info.

Feel free to donate to the cause!  Info@NevadaCityOddFellows.Com

We are looking forward to opening the doors of this place to our community and to watch it grow and evolve as a vital and dynamic place for all of us, right in the center of town! 


The Gallery is located at 210 Spring St. Nevada City next door to the National Hotel and the Spring St. Entrance to the Odd Fellows Hall. Come by! 

If you have any questions or would like to explore joining the Odd Fellows contact us at:



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