The Gallery has a name! The Seven Stars Gallery

Coming Soon!

The Seven Stars Gallery.

We are working hard to finish the Odd Seven Stars Gallery and Community Gathering space.   Stay tuned!

Come by and check out the ODD window displays, there you can also read up on what we are making happen for our community!

What is it?  An Odd Fellows offering to our community. A space for local artists to show their talents.  A place where Odd Fellows, friends and community members can come to play and share together.  A community gathering place, where presenters can present, where we can meet and discuss life and our community in respect and friendship to inspire and grow together.  The possibilities are endless and still developing. Come join us and help us create magic. We are excited about opening this space to our community and we invite you to join the Odd Fellows to participate in this beautiful unfolding and awakening of one of the oldest buildings in Nevada City, a true gem in our community. (Broad St Building Built in 1873.) What are the Odd Fellows? Briefly we are local citizens that have joined the ancient International Order of Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F.) that is a fraternal order known for the three links of Friendship Love and Truth (FLT). The Odd Fellows is an assortment of individuals from more than one profession or walk of life. We unite with others across the boundaries of demographic or social class in order to form a far greater whole. We strive to do good works for humanity and in our local community. Yes, there is old ritual, (the Odd Fellows Order dates back to the 1700’s, perhaps far older), but it is not a secret society; it is a fraternal order with some ritual to guide us. All are welcome to apply to join and become a member. If you are interested in joining us or want more detail of  reach out to us and if If you see someone inside, come in and say “HELLO!”

Gallery & Lounge Coming Soon to 210 Spring St.


Good question!

Our lodge decided in November 2021 to create a community oriented space (in what was the late and wonderful Odd Fellow Allan Rogers’ Picture framing shop). Located at 210 Spring St. Nevada City. The vision is fluid and a work in progress, BUT it is our goal to create a space that will be available for local artists and presenters and musicians to be able to display their work, to present their story, to play their music, and to give a presentation on just about anything! It will be a place in the heart of Nevada City that will give us an opportunity to shine, share and become a part of our community through the arts and fellowship. (lounge area included)


We have big plans for all of us!

For the Gallery, we hope to offer this as an affordable place for local artists to display their work in a professional gallery format. For musicians and spoken word performances this will be an intimate venue to shine. There will be ongoing displays of art and we will have a stage area for presentations or music performances. Are you interested in video or audio production? Dreams of a production studio are being hatched! Looking for a place to record your podcast? A place that you can video with Green screen and professional equipment?  We hope to offer the ability to live stream your event whatever it may be! Stay tuned!

The Lounge aspect will be incorporated into the gallery area. A place where one can sit and relax, have some tea or maybe a glass of wine for a small donation. Or perhaps to hold a gala for your art opening! These are ideas that we hope to have up and running within the upcoming year. As a member of Odd Fellows, when the gallery is not open, it will be a members only lounge. Yes there are member benefits!


Not much!

While the Odd Fellows will try to offer this space as a very affordable place for the community, we envision the need for donations or a small percentage of any sales of artwork or presentations that are given there.

For a ticketed event it would have a small rental fee or a negotiated percentage of the door to go to Odd Fellows. 

These charges are necessary to cover our utility and supply expenses. We may hold a few benefits to assist in the development of our plans for the space. Think: kitchen, bar, better handicapped facilities, espresso machine, refrigerator, air filters for COVID safety.  Feel free to donate to the cause!  Info@NevadaCityOddFellows.Com

We are looking forward to opening the doors of this place to our community and to watch it grow and evolve as a vital and dynamic place for all of us, right in the center of town! 


Contact: for more information!

Is this for you?

Are you Odd? Do you want to be  Odd? Or are you just interested in exactly what Odds do? Whatever your situation this book may be for you.


This manual will be a must have for any member looking for further instruction.

Michael Greenzeiger, DGM (CA) and Ainslie Heilich, SGL Webmaster (IL) are excited to release “The Odd Fellows’ Primer.”  There has been a huge need for updated educational materials for members to reference for the ritual, business, and administrative workings of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows for many years. This book is several years in the making and began when Greezeiger was Grand Instructor of California. Heilich came on board in 2019 to start the illustration process.

“The Odd Fellow’s Primer” is cut from the same fabric as the great 19th century Odd Fellow manuals like Grosh and Donaldson. Greenzeiger’s writing style and presentation are a nod to these inspirational books of the past and are accompanied by Heilich’s historically inspired illustrations. Together they work to capture the vitality and passionate ideals that helped our Odd Fellow ancestors achieve great things which they hope to instill in every member who reads this book. Prepare to be inspired.

This project is a labor of love and all proceeds from the first year will go to Michael Greenzeiger’s Grand Master Project. Following that, all proceeds will be used for the “Good of the Order”.

The Odd Fellows’ Primer will be available for purchase on Amazon and bulk discounts for Lodges will be available.



100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment Film and Window Display

The Suffragist Window Project and Film about renowned Suffragist and citizen of Nevada City, Ellen Clark Sargent. 
The Odd Fellows Oustomah Lodge #16 decided to liven up their windows on Broad St. during the initial shutdown by Covid-19 restrictions. This was a member driven project by the lodge artists that created a lively and unique window display honoring and  celebrating the 100th year of passing the 19th Amendment.

The Odd Fellows has come a long way since then. We are now composed of both women and men, working together to revitalize and modernize this ancient fraternal order. We are a part of living history right here in our lovely town. If you are interested in joining this Odd group of amazing folk contact us! With credit to artists: Sasha St. John, Tynowyn French, Mona Lovere. Support with Beverly Schorr, Momo Marzo,

We also facilitated in the filming of a short movie about Ellen Clark Sargent that was filmed inside of the Odd Fellows Temple within this building. Ellen Clark Sargent was a prominent suffragist who worked and lived in Nevada City. She is credited with uniting the West and East coast suffrage movements into a cohesive group. This then evolved into what is now known as the League of Women Voters. She was married to Aaron Clark Sargent, who is credited with writing the 19th Amendment as a U.S. Senator and who was one of the Nevada City Odd Fellows founding fathers and Noble Grand.

Watch the film below and check out the window pictures!

The Window Artist Center
Mona Lovere, Tynowyn French, Sasha St. John
The Odd Women Reflecting
Reflecting Odds with the Suffragist
The Suffragist Puppets
The Suffragist Puppets
Odd Gal Windows Project
Left to Right
Beverly Schorr, Robin Karlstedt, Mona Lovere, Sash St.John,Lisa Lillie, Tynowyn French, Deborah Swan
The Ellen Sargent Video Project
The Producers and the Museum Committee

Suffragest Window Display

The Actors Ellen Sargent Video
Mary Baird as Ellen Sargent, Rick Ewald as a modern day interviewer
The Odd Gal Artists of the Windows
Seated Front: Artists Mona Lovere, Tynowyn French. Standing Rear: Sasha St. John
The Artist of the Window Project
The Artists


During the Covidian era wherein our lodge is currently closed, we are coming up with creative ways to stay connected with one another and our community! For the year 2021 we are currently meeting via Zoom and are looking to create Zoom socials!

All ideas are welcome.. especially Odd ideas!   

Feel free to contact us at

Stay tuned ! 


Friendship, Love, and Truth