Oddfellows Hall Rental

Book us for your own event, be it a concert, wedding, art event, performance or dance happening, reunion or whatever takes your fancy. We already host several recurring events such as line dances, ecstatic dance, environmental film festival, and one offs too.

Improvements to make a large projection screen, sound system and LED stage  lighting available are  under way,
or you can bring your own.
10 long foldable tables and 250 foldable chairs on easy to move carts are available so you can accommodate your guests or otherwise use a totally open space- It’s up to you.

The hall itself is a beautiful  large open all wooden 1920s building with polished plank floors and vaulted ceiling right downtown in Gold Rush era Nevada City.
It’s close to a city parking lot, city bus stops and easily accessible from the 49/20 freeway between Grass Valley and Nevada City about an hour from Sacramento.
Plenty of good restaurants and other venues are within easy walking distance in the town, which also offers many exciting public events you might want to coincide with such as street markets, parades and art shows.

The hall has an attached fully equipped kitchen, restrooms and green room facilities.
WiFi is available and the venue is registered and easily located by name for your attendees and yourself on Google Maps and Apple Maps

Friendly members of the Oddfellows Lodge itself are available if needed to talk to you and work with your specific needs.

We shall eventually have a form & photos for you here.
In the Meantime, Please contact:
Or CLICK HERE for complete location & contact information.

Thank you!

Photo Sphere by Paule Castro

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