* You Missed! — Free Movement Class

1000**This is a Nevada City Odd Fellows Event**
Wednesday, August 21st, 6pm, at the Nevada City Odd Fellows Lodge, 212 Spring Street, Nevada City, CA. Entrance is next to Roger’s picture framing.

Odd Fellow Members and Friends,

You are invited to a Free Movement Class Presented by Kathrina Odonahu-wil, teacher at Sierra College. The Class will introduce all of you to therapeutic, enjoyable yet effective movement that could possibly change your lives for the better-health & quality of life. You will learn to free-up your joints, stretch & strengthen your muscles + increase your cardiovascular fitness gently. Disciplines are drawn from yoga, pilates, & contemporary movement; done with many of our generation’s music.

If you are not a member and would like to join in the fun, please Facebook  Message Kris Krabtree or send an email to nevadacityoddfellowsmedia@gmail.com.
Should be a great time for one and all! 💖

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I Like to Move It! from the movie: Madagascar

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