Role of this Internet Presence:
BEING FOUND on the Internet Via: Google Business, Apple Maps, MailChimp Mailing List, Facebook Group and Mailing List MAILCHIMP

Being Found

– To Be Found Easily using Google etc.
– To make static information available such as maps, directions, contact info, mission statement, history, photos stories and forms for rentals, functions and memberships
– To be a central repository for reference to policies, etc
– Dynamic information such as the Google Calendar, events, stories and coordination features
– eventually to explore the Commenting/Blog feature of the WordPress technology
– to maintain full control over our exposure and archives
– Searchable photo and work archives


This is a one-way Email Mailing list for anyone who wants to Subscribe. It’s made available at a web page on the site

– to reach as many eyes as possible
– to post timely relevant interesting stuff to increase awareness of who we are, what we do on a day to day basis
– TO cross link with the Website to increase coverage and findability

Friendship, Love and Truth