Website and Social Media

Role of this Internet Presence:
by Odd Paule Castro * Feb-17-2019

* BEING FOUND on the Internet in a unified way
Via: Google Business, Apple Maps, business cards, literature, flyers, Chamber site, etc.
* BEING A RESOURCE for visitors to get fresh useful fun info
* BEING A REPOSITORY of all things Odd–
Images, History, Documents, CALENDAR etc.
via. Chamber of Commerce listing, Facebook Group listings,
The Prospector, etc.

to explore the Commenting/Blog feature of the WordPress technology
– to maintain full & authoritative control over our exposure and archives
– Searchable photo and work archives for members and friends

MAILCHIMP Mailing List:
This is a one-way Email Mailing list for anyone who wants to Subscribe. It’s made available Via.  a web page on the site, and directly, too
This & facebook etc. are outside of the Website but linked in from it with tools


Being Found– Google mapping and plotting data which lists address, phone number etc. also in Searches so one can ask for directions to “Nevada City Oddfellows” and it will work right
Apple Maps has been updated, too

– to reach as many eyes as possible
– to post timely relevant interesting stuff to increase awareness of who we are, what we do on a day to day basis
– feedback photos and interaction from members (Moderated!)
– TO cross link with the Website & elsewhere to increase coverage and findability

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