More Info: WebMaster@NevadaCityOddFellows.Com

To use an Email address @NevadaCityOddFellows.Com:
Request it.
– Officers & members are given an account like: secretary@NevadaCityOddFellows.Com
Note: Capitalizing oS NoT SigNiFiCant and is Used for CLarity!

– Others can ask for an Email address but it’s not automatically available

This can be set either to:
– Its own 2GB Email box that you reach by using
you will need the Password given you when the mailbox was setup
– If you want to use your own Email program for this
(Free ThunderBird for PC works great- We Hate Outlook. AVOID)
Click HERE for the Settings:

2)- Or, you can have the  Address forwarded to your Own Email system- just tell us what that  address is.
* The domain name: was registered Nov 2017 at by Paule Castro on behalf of the Odd Fellows Lodge #16 of Nevada City, California

* the Pages are hosted on the servers of which is Paule Castro’s Business & NonProf Site

* The Site is currently running the latest WordPress Content Management System

* is the host service provided by IONOS
as the “Root Linux Server” Running CentOS Linux  ver 7 for the Art of Logc- along with many other domain names.

IONOS on THEIR equipment provide all Email services and is not a part of WordPress or the Server itself.
Contact me.


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