Odds On The Road

The Oddfellows Take to the Road

Aug 13-15th 2019

Nine members and friends of Oustomah shared breakfast on Wednesday morning. Some went to the hot springs for a soak, some hiked to the waterfall, some did both, in Odd combinations.
Three nights of shared meals and campfire circles and generally enjoying each other’s company, we all agreed, was good for us. Onward toward more of the Fun!

Members present: Richard Gorman, Deborah Swan, Lisa Lillie, Robin Karlstedt, Beverly Schorr, Paule Castro, and Sylvia Shaw.
[photo creds: Bev Schorr, Lisa Lillie, Paule Castro, Richard Gorman]

We stayed at the Grover Hotsprings State Park in Markleeville, California, in Alpine county- High up and far away to the Southeast of Lake Tahoe.

Some of us hiked around Carson Pass in theĀ Mokelumne Wilderness too; So here we are!
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  • Bev, Sylvia, Robin, Deb, Lef, Susan, Lisa, Paule
  • Richard's amazing breakfast. He showed up with a complete camping kitchen for we the refugees from Civilization-- Only to find it here!
  • Frog Lake.. Paule Swimming with evidence of SNOW suggesting buff fortitude- But no. This shallow lake is quite comfortable!
  • The Great Paule
    We love the Oddfellows THIIIIS much (imitating a T. Rex arm span)
  • Beverley plus Leyla her dog.
  • How could one not have a great day hiking here?
  • Leyla, Bev's 18 mo old and very enthusiastic herding dog
  • Winnemucca lake, Not the Other one and nowhere near the town of the same name. Peaks behind ar 10,000+' high
  • the county is called alpine for a reason- Full of flowers and wide open spaces.
  • Sylvia, Lef, Deb, Paule, Lisa, Bev, Richard, Robin.
  • Lef, Richard, Deb, Lisa, Robin, Bev, Paule, Sylvia
  • Lets: "POSE!"

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