Odd Nights Inn

Aug-07-2019: Why This Why That?

JArre: Oxygene 8

Mark Knopfler: Log Road:

Vangelis: Ask the Mountains:

Lord Huron Live: Ends of the Earth

Dhol Dogs-Afro Celt Sound System

Media & Event Committees Concur that we could have movie / entertainment events at the Lodge like so:

– Odd Night Inn *
JUST the membership
– Odd Night Out *
This is an Advertised  Public Event put on by we Odds
– Odd Night Inn Between *
Membership +1 events, not Public or advertised

free for Members + 1. Not Advertised.
Via. Digital projector,  movie screen, sound system

Bring snacks, pillows, funny clothes, headgear..
plastic dinosaurs popcorn provided
+ any shorts you want to share including your own

Tonight’s Offerings:
* Oscar Nominated Short Cartoons *
* Astral Ceiling Projections (Bring yoga mats etc) *
* Trivia Quiz Bits * Music Videos *

  • Oscar Short Animations Night:
    Changing batteries
    Fat Farm Animals
    Rollin’ France
    Pink Panther Slink Pink
    Larva Car – s2E40
    Music Videos:
    More Ian Dury
    Division Bell–Floyd Live.
    New Wave * Oddities * Exotica..
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