Some things to enhance and have Fun with what we Odds can Do!
Mainly Technical. by: Paule Castro.
Your ideas about other things can be here, too.

I can loan my Panasonic 6000 lumen projector, 10′ screen, Amp & Speakers to create Events:
Licensing can be tricky , please see HERE and HERE
As a Fraternal Organization in a relatively small population area, we may be able to get a blanket annual license for a few hundred dollars. I gather this is what libraries use.
Private (Members Only, Unadvertised events) technically are NOT excluded, but a vast array of materials from classic movies to YouTube and Broadcast TV MAY repeat MAY be available Free.

Loaning/Renting Projector to a group or outside event-
Wedding, etc. We as a lodge nonetheless remain responsible  for licensed use of media….

SCREENINGS: Both Private And Public
We have a decent Internet connection here in town so we can:-
* Stream and project events IN over the Internet from elsewhere live or recorded via. YouTube etc. Publicly or Privately.
Facetime, Skype Etc. all work fine, could be useful for conference renters.
I am looking at whether it’s Okay to stream the Oscars, Inaugurations, certain sports events, for example, or, my favourite- Live NASA & SpaceX events like launches and spacewalks : )

This gets Interesting.
Facebook, YouTube and USTREAM all enable digital camera filmed events to be streamed OUT free from within the lodge / hall  to be linked live and seen from anywhere in any numbers out on the Internet
BUT those filmed MUST give WRITTEN permission and may have to check with their producers or record companies.

I encountered an event where the musicians loved the idea only to find their contract with their record company did not allow that!

I think the Permission is called a Release but know nothign about such things.

— Paule

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