Group Email

q: How do I Email all 30 some current member without having to know all their current Email addresses?
a: Email to:
It knows how; I told it how.
No need for a new anything to learn. Just use that address.
All messages are automatically BCC: (Blind Carbon Copied)
The Email address is not ‘out there’ in a chunk of 30+.”
You do not need to understand this or do anything special.
It Just Is.

q: Do I need to DO anything?
a: Nope. Sit Back an Enjoy

q: Why would I want to use this list?
a: So we can stay more closely in touch.
It is NOT a decision making apparatus– Just Discussion.

q: Can’t anyone spam us at that address?
a: Yes, if they are in the list of members : )

q: God! how do I Ignore some particularly long winded back-n-forth?
a: All Postings always have THE SAME subject line info.
[nevada-city-oddfellows] So- Just Sort & delete them

q: Where Does “Reply All” go when I do that?
a: You know that one.  So. Take it easy!

q: If I just hit simple Reply, It goes just to the Sender’s email address, right?
a: Right. Probably a better thing to do if in doubt.

q: What if,  as happens, Discussions Get heated/Profane/Unfriendly?
a: Then the moderators can step in and turn on Email Moderation

q: What’s That?
a: It means every mailing must then be Okayed by the Moderator before hitting the list. Tempers Cooled Down?
Moderation gets turned back OFF again, which is the  default behavior
This cannot be done with direct mailing or CC: methods, however.

q: Why Google Groups?
a: Why not. We already all email one another willy nilly somehow

q: Why do I need this?
A: You don’t.
It’s just a Useful improvement of what’s already happening

q: Don’t we already have a MailChimp Members Announcement List?
a: YES. but that is NOT between members–
It’s only for sending out Important Official  And Authoritative
Announcements from the Powers that Be.

q: Do I have to use this google groups thing???
a: No. you can stick to the Old Way of multiple CC: if you like.

q: Will my regular Email program do this??
a: Yes. OR you can use the Web Page interface

q: How do I handle my “Subscription” to this list???
a: Every Email from this Group automatically contains a footer with
instructions from Google and links.
You can Remove, Change Email address,  and re-add yourself anytime, and look at previous mailings

q: Can I see previous mailings
a: *YES*. Google keeps these on it web page

Q: IS there an ODD Policy?
a: I would say YES, I Hope So–
“Strictly Oddfellows Business Only”
Technology cannot mandate this–
Only You can Prevent Flame Wars : )
YOur comments?

q: Isn’t this just another bloody bit of technology to manage?
a:  Yes it is. As is CC:, BCC:, loss of privacy, spam and management.
Is that simple and secure? No. Please Try this. thank you!

q: “Nobody can say they did not know” annoys me
a: Me too. I look back through previous archives from other groups BEFORE meetings etc to see what I MAY HAVE MISSED

I cannot read everything- I, Paule get over 100 Emails a day and use Groups extensively to cut down the ‘cruft’– you can too.

Try it. Please. I will Demo it to anyone who asks

— Paule Castro

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